Google PageSpeed Service Discontinued

If you have relied on the Google PageSpeed service you may now find yourself disappointed. If you have failed to stay abreast to their notices you could find your website is not longer available! Depending on how you have used the services this change could actually make your site unavailable unless you make a required DNS change to your domains routing. With all things Google it’s important to stay abreast to their notices and updates. Below is the notice from Google about the service turndown (turned down for what?!?!):

Turndown information for PageSpeed Service

After 4.5 years of service, the PageSpeed Service team regretfully decided that the time had come to re-focus their efforts elsewhere and on 5th May (2015) announced that PageSpeed Service will be turned down. If you are using PageSpeed Service, you must change your DNS before 3rd August 2015 or your site(s) will become completely unavailable on that date.

While this will not impact everyone, those using the service in such a way where their DNS was pointed to the Page Speed service, this is an extremely important notice as action is required to keep your site available. Because this change requires site administrators to make changes to their DNS routing, the updates should be completed weeks before the 8/5/2015 date to ensure their site’s remain available.

Google is still offering its PageSpeed service but through different means, your hosting provider may have taken the steps necessary to build in this service. If they have it may be available to you, inquire with your provider to find out.