Web Development Resources

We are doing a roundup of the best resources on the web for developing applications, content management systems and websites.

Here is a excellent list of utility apps for development:



Measure how much time your defined DOM elements are in view on screen for your users.



Are you sick of using jsFiddle? Here is a list of other apps to assist in UI hacking:



Building a web app using javascript, Angular.js and Node.js? Scotch.io has some nice lessons to help you build a SEO web app using prerender.io. It’s worth the time to review it:



Are you looking to improve the speed and performance of your WordPress site? Have you explored transients? Scotch.io has a great tutorial to explain how to use and even perform an advanced implementation for your WordPress site:


Cats who code has a nice 15 item list for tools that web designers should be aware of. There are a handfull of helpful sites on this list:


We find this tool to be absolutely amazing. Although this may seem easy to those who have not tried it, a considerable amount of code is required to render text in a browser anyway  beyond a straight line. You might have to see it to believe it: