WordPress Theme Development Using _S, Bootstrap, Grunt & Bower

Another great post from the folks over at 4 Digits. This is extremely handy when you are starting to develop a custom WordPress theme. When working with a group to create and develop a custom WordPress themes, plugins or site specific functionality, having your structure nailed down is imperative. This starter theme is based on _S and adds the popular Bootstrap framework to it.

We have forked the quark starter theme which is similar but does not include Bootstrap of Grunt. Quark is described by its creators as “…based on the Underscores (_s) and TwentyTwelve themes, so that means not only is it flexible, it’s extremely easy to customise. The code is clean and tidy and sprinkled with just the right amount of comments to help make editing a real breeze. Its base is a responsive, 12 column grid. It uses Normalize to make sure that browsers render all elements more consistently and Mordernizr for detecting HTML5 and CSS3 browser capabilities.

It uses box-sizing:border-box for a more natural box layout model along with some default stylings from HTML5 Boilerplate.

Using _S with Bootstrap LESS and Grunt for WordPress Theme Development.